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Boy doll / Hair and ears

You can use simple ears like 1/2 girl doll.
Tall boy doll


Sew double fabric crescent. Cut out with 0.2cm allowance.
Make a small rip as the opening. Turn inside out.
Sew and cut

Sew up the opening. Stitch both ends together.
Inside out

Make wrinkles and form it into an ear. Then stitch at the back side.
Stitch the ear on the side of the head.
EarsPlace the ear


This is a cord which is unraveled.

Cut the cord.
Unravel an end of each cord. Tie up with strong thread.
Tie an end

Coat the root of the bunch with glue and tie it tightly before glue dries.
Unravel all the rest.


Make a hole on the head.
Hole on the head

Pour some glue into the hole, then insert the end of hair.
Glue the hair on the head softly.
PastePush the hair

Cut hair as you like.

Now the doll is complete.

Various materials for hair

Brown woolen yarn / black big yarn.
Yarn hairThick yarn hair

Yellow rayon hair / torn cords of polypropylene.
Curled rayon hairSpike hair

Black fur fabric / silver nylon wig.
Fur hairWig
When you use fur fabric, refer to basic doll.

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