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Dressing for kimono doll

Use 2 cotton cloth tapes or rubber bands as belts.
Girl doll in kimono


Wrap the lower body with the petticoat and tie its ribbons.

Put juban on.
There is a space between the nape and the collar.
Take tucks and tie the waist with a tape.


Put kimono on.
Layer the extra collar under the collar of kimono.
Layer the sleeves of kimono and juban.
Tie the waist with another tape.
KimonoExtra collar


There are hundreds styles to tie an obi. You may do your own way.
I'll show you an example using a simple white kimono and an improvised obi.
This obi has yellow side and pink side, so you see how to tie clearly.

Wrap the waist with obi. The shorter part is 18cm length.

Cross the longer part on the shorter part.


Fold the longer part 3 times.

Tie the middle of folds with a rubber band These folds become wings.
Tie with rubber band

Place the obiage.
Put the obiage

Make a knot with the short part and the folded part.
Pass the obijime through the knot.
Push the end of the short part into the knot.
Through the obiage

Send the ends of the obiage and the obijime to the front.
Hide the end

Knot the obijime at the front.
Push the ends of the obiage between the obi and kimono.

Send the tips of the obijime to the back, and thrust them through the knot of the obi.
Ends of string

Spread the wings. The right wings are longer.
Back style

Front style

Another knotting of obijime. It's gorgeous and suitable for a plain obi.
Gorgeous obijime

Yellow obi on blue kimono.
Yellow obiGorgeous obijime

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