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Hair style for kimono doll

Long hair is good. But any style is suitable for kimono.
Kimono doll


Ears are hidden with hair. You can omit them.

Put two sheets of stretch fabric between two sheets of thin cloth (same as arms).
Draw patterns and sew around.
Cut out and make a gap.
Turn inside out from the gap. Close the gap.

Glue or stitch the ear to the head.


You can use any yarn or any color. I recommend black silk yarn.

Cut yarn to make 2 bunches. One is 50cm, another is 25cm.
Stitch the bunches.
Length of hair

Glue the long one to the head front to back.
Fore and back

Glue the short one across the head.
Side hair

Stitch the back of bunch at the nape.

Fold the back of bunch and stitch it to the head at the top of the crown.
Back hair

Divide the back of bunch in two.
Knot each bunch loosely.

Put the tips of bunches under the knots.
Stitch them to the head.

The doll has been completed.

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