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Whole body of kimono doll

Please refer to Tall boy's body.
Girl doll in kimono


Insert only the base of the neck into the body.
Stitch the neck to the body firmly.
Stitch neck to body


Make a valley between the breast by stitching with a thick thread.
Hollow in the breastValley

Spread the breast skin on the breast and pin up.
If the cloth has an excess, scissor off.
Sew up the skin of the back.
Stitch the hem of the skin to the body.
Back of the neckStitch skin


Close the opening of the leg with ladder stitch.
Stitch the opening

Stitch the leg to the body firmly.
Attach to bodyHips


Sew the opening of the arm.
Wrap the end of wires with a plaster.
Tops of arms

Make a hole on the shoulder and stick the wires in it.
Stitch the arm to the shoulder.

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