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Ornaments for kimono doll

Some ornaments help the doll to look gorgeous.
Kimono doll

Extra collar

Cut cloth in 5cm × 30cm. Fold it at the middle.
Extra collar

Accessories for obi

Obijime is a string. About 50cm.
Here are 2 types of obijime. you can use any string or cord.

Soft cloth becomes Obiage.
The length is about 20cm, the width is 7cm to 10cm.
2 examples. The below is made of my old scarf.

Hair ornament

Bundle small artificial flowers with a plaster.
A ribbon tied in a bow is also good.
Kanzashi is Ornamental hair-pin (about 7cm length).


Cut out 2 pieces of thin paper as the face of the fan.
Cut out 10 bones with thick paper.

Joint the bones with a thick thread at the fulcrum.

Glue a face paper to 8 bones.
Glue the other face paper to the back.

Glue the bones of both sides to the face.

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