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Basic doll / Boy doll (application)

Why not make a boy doll in the same way?
Basic boy doll

Boy dollSweatshirt with hoodSitting
80 centimeters in height. Black hair and gray eyes.

T-shirt and sweat shirt (stretch cotton), pants (corduroy).
Socks and brown leather shoes.
These clothes were made for tall boy doll before.
The sleeves are long, and pants are narrow.

Alter the pattern

Using the same pattern of basic doll, of course, you can make a doll of boy.
If altering the body a little, it will be more boylike.
Body patternBody of boy doll

Process of hair setting

His hair is made of fur fabric.

Cut fur in a trapezoid.
Cut fur

Sew up the sides.
Sew sides

Gather up the upper. It becomes a cap.

Trim the hem if needs.

Glue it on the head.
Boy doll hair

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