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Basic doll / Bag

A heart-shaped bag with lace and ribbon.
Girl doll holds a bag


Cut cloth. Front and back need seam allowance of 0.5 centimeters.
Side cloth is a rectangle (2.5cm × 28cm roughly).
Felt cloth is good for a bag.
I used thin cloth which was strengthened with interlining.
Cut cloth

Sew a fastener (10cm) to the side cloth.
Make it ring of 36cm.

Cut a thin string in four. One is 3 or 4cm.
Attach a folded short string to A.
Sew the side to the front.
And Sew the back to the side.
Turn inside out.
Sew sideBag outside

Attach lace, ribbon or other ornaments.
Race, ribbon and pompom

Put 2 handles (of cord or ribbon) through the strings.

The pattern of heart is here.

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