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Basic doll / Face

Dollmaker's individuality appears on the face of doll.
Girl doll

Paint features

You should paint the face as you like.
Now I don't do iron-on transfer.

Draft out outlines with a pencil or marker.

Paint with acrylic colors.
Rouge the cheeks.
Put eye shadow if you like.
PaintingEye paintingSide

Skin stitch

Stitch the skin fabric at neck and crown.
The same way of the under skin.

Cut the cover of scalp and sew its darts.
Only darts need seam allowance.
Scalp fabricSew scalp

Put the cover on the head and stitch.


Put two sheets of stretch fabric among two sheets of thin cloth.
And sew the ears around.
It is economical to use the remnants of arms.
Cut with margin of 0.2 - 0.3 centimeters.
Open a small hole on one side.
Turn inside out.
Sew and cutTurn

Put a little fiberfill in the ear. Close the opening.

Stitch the ear to the head around the opening.
Attach earStitch ear

This ear is the same type as 1/2 girl, life-size baby, and kimono doll.
Ears attachedBack of head

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