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Basic doll / Dress

Decorative dress of white cotton. Such fashion is called "white Lolita."
Girl doll in white dress


Cut the bodices and sleeves.
At the opening of back, the seam allowance is 1.5cm, others are 0.5cm.
Cutting of dress

Sew the darts.
Sew up the shoulder of front and back.
Make notches at the margin of the neckline, and fold it inside.

Sew lace of 3cm width to the neckline.
Sew bodiceSew neck

Sew lace and ribbons.

Sew laces to the sleeves.
Gather the sleeve and sew it to the bodice.
Sew up the sides.
Hem lineCircular skirt

Pass through elastics in the cuffs.


This example, the skirt is 110cm × 20cm.
The frill is 220cm × 10cm. Lace 220cm × 4cm.
Sew each to a ring.
The opening of skirt is about 10cm.

Gather the frill and lace together, and sew them to skirt.
Sew skirtLace and frill

Attach another frill with lace.
LaceClose up

Make gathers at the skirt, and sew it to the bodice.

Fold the opening three, and stitch.
Sew snaps.
The uppermost pair of snaps is plastic. Because it is on the lace.

Large picture of the dress.

Extra sleeves

Put them on the arms. The dress looks long-sleeved.

Cutting. The seam allowance is 0.5cm except topside which is 1cm.
Cutting of sleeves

Attach lace as you like.
Sew up the side.
Sew lacesSew side

Pass elastic through the top.
ElasticPair of sleeves

Put on

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