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Basic doll / Head

It is important to make the chin firm and hard.

Base of head

Cut the pieces of head with 0.5 centimeter margin.
Cloth cut

Sew up middle of the front (A-a-B).
Sew up middle of back (A-d-D) and the chin to neck (B-c-C).
Make notches on the margin of the throat (c).

Sew up front and back around (A-b-B-b-A).
Turn inside out.
Sew aroundOutside


Stuff into the head with the polyester fiberfill through the opening of the neck.
Stuff the filling into corner solidly.
Not stuff into the neck.

Make the neck

Put some glue on the cloth whose width is 10 centimeters.
Let it roll around a stick.
Base of neckRolling

This is the base of neck.
Base of neckNeck and head

Insert the base into the head.
Stitch the head cloth to the base of the neck roughly.
Stitch base of neck

Put the nose

Cut applicator cotton.
Open a hole on the face. Insert the applicator with glue.
NoseSet nose

Skin cover

It needs 2 covers -- "skin" and "under skin".
Under skin is lighter color.
Fold each fabric.
The facial pattern doesn't contain seam allowance.
Add seam allowance of 0.5cm to the seam line. Top and bottom have no margin.
Cover of head
Turn inside out.

Wrap the base of head with the under skin.
Pull fabric and remove a sag.

Fit the crown of the head and pin the hem.
Stitch the hem of under skin to the base of head with thick thread.
StitchSew neck

Wrap with the skin fabric, too. Don't stitch yet.
Wrap with skin cover

Cheek augmentation

If you mind the wrinkles of face-line, glue a little cotton batting on the seam.
CottonConceal crinkles

If you like full cheeks, glue soft cotton balls on the cheeks.
Cotton on cheek

Which is full?
2 heads

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