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Basic doll / Skirt

Circle skirt with gathers and flare. Thin cloth is good.


Cut the cloth in a circle. This has diameter of 80 centimeters.
At its center, make a hole, which must be larger than waist.
Cut the opening in 10cm at the back.
Waistband is 4cm × 25cm.
Contains seam allowance.


Fold the edge of opening, and stitch.

Make gathers on the hole, and sew it to waistband.
Sew band

If the hole of waist is minimum (7cm dia), need not make gathers.

Fold the waistband inside, and stitch.
Attach snaps, button, or hook and eye.

Fold the hem and stitch.
Hem lineCircular skirt

This skirt is knee length.
Put on

Easier making

When using an elastic tape, it doesn't need gathering nor opening.

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