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Basic doll / Body

The thighs unite with the body.
Doll girl

Sew the body base

Cut out front body and back body with 0.5 centimeter margin.

Sew the each dart (breasts, front, hips, and back).
Sew up front and back.
Sew dartsSew up

Cut between the legs. You may cut before sewing.
Make notches.
Divide thighsNotch

Turn inside out.

Stuff with polyester filling

Stuff from the opening of the neck.

Don't stuff in the groin.
Upper of the chest, dividing filling into either side so as to insert the neck easier.
If you fill it good, it sits stably.
How to stuffStuffed

When the groin is thick, sew the front through the back.
You can sew it before stuffing hips.
Stitch firmlyFlatten groin

Instant breasts

When you want to give her ample bosom, glue balls of cotton batting.
I don't think too big breast suits her.

Body cover

Cut stretch fabric with seam allowance (0.5cm).
Body skin

Sew the darts of hips.
Sew up the sides of front and back.
Turn inside out.
Darts of backBdy cover

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