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Basic doll / Pannier

Hard tulle with plentiful gathers makes the skirt extended.
Girl doll in underwear


The pattern of pannier is separated. Stick upper and lower at B line.
That is half. Make it double.

Cut 2 bases. One is front, another is back.

Sew up the sides. Hem with lace.
Cut tulle in 220cm × 26cm.
Sew it a ring, and fold in two. The crease is bottom.
Gather and sew it on B line.

Similarly, sew another tulle (160cm × 52cm) on A line.
More tulleTulle sew

Sew stretch lace or elastic tape to the waist.
You may sew a waistband, and put an elastic through.

The length is shorter than the skirt a little.
You can alter the size of tulle.
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