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Basic doll / Socks and shoes

Lolita girls like platform shoes. Knee socks with lace too.
Girl doll in white dress


Cut stretch fabric.
Use pattern of leg cover. You may make them in any length.
Cut, sew and turn

Sew gathered lace loosely.
Attach ribbons if you like.

Thick-soled shoes

Cut felt and paper.
Scallop the upper side.
About margin, see the photo below.
Parts of shoe

Sew up the back of instep (D-C). Do the side sole (C-h).
Shorten the toe of instep with small stitches. (B-A-B)
Sew back

Glue the instep to paper insole.
Glue the side heel to another insole.
Stick both together with strong glue.

Glue paper to the inside of sole.
The paper is thick a little.
Stitch the sole to side sole. (e-f-g-h-g-f-e)
SoleStitch sole

Stuff polyester fiberfill in the sole.


Cut the strap and flower. Stitch the strap.

Sew the one side of flower. Roll it, and tie the bottom.
Gather upFlower

Sew it to the strap.
Flower on strap

Sew a pair of snaps to the strap, and sew it to the back.
Strap attached

Attach a ribbon on the front.
Thick-soled shoeSocks and shoes

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